The Blogger

Rin is a hopeless romantic living in the Philippines whose weekends are usually spent peacefully in her room with a romantic novel in hand as the notes of Schubert’s Clair De Lune reverberate in her room.

She has a penchant for reading romantic stories set in Regency England or in the Scottish Highlands. If she’s not busy perusing such novels, then she’s somewhere in a dark room, hiding while her eyes are glued to her e-reader with an M/M erotica on display. (She doesn’t buy M/M hardcopies since her ten-year old brother frequents her room. You can just imagine the horror when he asks what she was reading, something which he often does.)

Aside from historical romances, she’s also fond of reading love stories that make her laugh so hard to the point that she topples over her table. She thinks that Prince Charming nowadays comes with a white Maserati Granturismo instead of a white steed, thus her fascination on smexy as heck billionaires. Scorching hot lawyers also have a very big place in her green mind.

When in the mood, she picks up a badly written short erotica for kicks and giggles. But more often than not, she fishes out something dark and unconventional enough to blow up her mind, rendering her unable to read for a few days because of a so-called “book hangover”.

Dumb as brick, demanding, and whiny heroines exasperate her to no end. And so do heartless arrogant pricks with stalking tendencies and overly controlling nature who feel that they’re God’s gifts to women.

Once she’s fed up with reading novels, she spends her time watching movies, fangirling over smexy homosexuals, internet stalking some celebrities, daydreaming about a certain male supermodel, tinkering stuff in Adobe Photoshop or simply playing her with her little brother.

She’s not exactly a conversationalist and not really talkative to strangers or to people she just met but when you get to know her more, you might actually think she’s a chatter-box.

A lot of things run in her mind and she’s too lazy to run a lot of social media accounts so she decided to make this blog to express her opinions on the book she read and talk about random happenings in her life in one go. Or just simply write whatever the heck she wants to avoid ideas being bottled up inside her head.

Right now, she’s juggling her time between doing her job, taking care of her little brother, reading romantic novels, making decent reviews, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Why create a blog?

This blog was originally Delirious Romances in Wordpress. I decided to transfer to Blogger for personal reasons.

I love romance books but the problem is I don’t a have a lot of people to talk to or fangirl with about the books I’ve read. If I had somebody, maybe one or two and sometimes they’re busy with work or whatever engagement they have.

This blog was created solely for the personal purpose of being able to express my thoughts books that I had or going to read. Mostly, they’ll be under the Young Adult or Romance genres but who knows? Maybe in the future, I’ll discover my love for horror or suspense thrillers?

I read anything under the romance genre. New Adult, Eroticas, Medieval Romances, Regency Romances, Paranormal, etc. Name it and I’ll read it. Oh, did I also mention I love reading M/M romances? With the Young Adult genre, I tend to be a little picky about them. I don’t want to read a YA novel with an annoying MCs and when it comes to YA, a lot of things annoy me.

Mostly, reviews will be posted, some writing prompts, and some book memes. I still have to decide what else to put on my blog but things that will surely be regularly seen here will be reviews.

I post reviews twice a week with no fixed day or time. Maybe I’ll post both reviews at the same time. Or maybe one on Monday and on Friday. Things really depend on my schedule.

Most of my reviews are only posted on Goodreads and this blog.

You may also notice that I only give really honest reviews and that my review style varies from one post to another. I’m still trying to find the kind of writing that will make me comfortable. There are times when I’m comfortable writing a very formal review, there are other incidences where the review is really short, so yeah please bear with me about that.